Running a restaurant or bar is a completely different process from many other business models. We're familiar with the challenge, and we're here to help make your hospitality operation run smoother, your customers happier, and your bottom line stronger. We offer a range of consulting services, including (but not limited to):

Menu Development - No matter what your theme is, a strong menu is the foundation of your operation. We'll help cultivate a menu that stands out as unique to your business.

Staff Recruiting - No business can run without a talented and dedicated team. From defining job descriptions to writing, posting, and managing help wanted ads, we'll help you find the right team to manage your operation.

Budget Analysis - There's a lot to keep track of in the hospitality industry. Our team will make sure that your overall budget is set up to not only meet your goals, but exceed them. This includes inventory management, cost analysis, labor projections, and overall pricing optimization.

Staff Training - From defining processes to direct one-on-one coaching, our team will help train your team on how to get the most value out of each shift while maintaining operational consistency across the company.

Customer Service/Quality Control Checks - Keep your staff on point and test your team's service skills in order to address any weaknesses. We'll put together a comprehensive evaluation and set you up to correct any issues that arise, taking "secret shopping" to a new level.

Operations Management - Sometimes it's just easier to have a trusted partner take care of things for you. From top to bottom, we'll oversee management of your operation and ensure that all facets of the business are moving in the proper direction.

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